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Anshan Zizhu Sci. & Tech. Profile Steel Co., Ltd.
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Established in 2009, Anshan Zizhu Technology Steel Co., Ltd. is a special steel production base of Liaoning Zizhu Group. It is located in Dadaowan Industrial Park of Anshan City, with convenient transportation. It is only five minutes away from Shenzhou No.1 Road. By car.

    The company has domestic advanced universal rolling mill production line, nearly 1000 sets of auxiliary production equipments, such as professional straightening machines and roll lathes, and has built physical laboratories, chemical analysis laboratories, new product research institutes, and all production lines adopt automatic control systems. carry out. The company mainly produces high-tech steel products such as steel sheet piles, heavy rails, lifting rails, trough rails, magnetic suspension series rails, L-shaped steel, special H-shaped steel, U-rib structural steel for bridges and various special-shaped steels. It has successfully developed several series of more than 30 specifications of national standard steel sheet pile, Japanese standard steel sheet pile, European standard steel sheet

pile and American standard steel sheet pile, and formed mass production, which filled the domestic blank. At present, the products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions, and are widely used in cranes, railways, ships, bridges, iron towers, coal mines and other key domestic and foreign projects, and establish stable strategic partnerships with dozens of large group companies.

The development strategy of Zizhu technology steel is based on development, based on the main business of steel deep processing, vigorously develop the fine steel and profile industry, and continuously enhance the competitiveness of enterprises; aiming at building a “garden-style” factory, continuously improve and improve the living standards of employees. Achieve sustainable development while contributing to the country. We will strengthen and strengthen the steel deep processing industry. On the basis of giving full play to the existing production capacity, we will increase investment in the middle and lower reaches of steel products, expand the product field and expand the product market through joint ventures with central enterprises. Efforts to build the company into a diversified, cross-regional, cross-industry, dynamic and competitive enterprise, so that the company has truly become an industrialized leading enterprise in Anshan City, becoming the bright pearl of the Northeast.