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Because the trough type rail can avoid the disadvantages of traditional rails affecting the traffic of other vehicles, it has the characteristics of low running noise, strong driving stability, low running cost of vehicles, and realization of green and low-carbon traffic. It represents the future development direction of urban rail transit. Good market prospects.

In 2012, our company successfully developed two new type of grooved rails, 59R2 and 60R2, through unremitting efforts, and passed the tests of many Chinese and foreign testing institutes such as China Railway Science Research Institute, China Railway General Technical Service Co., Ltd. and SGS. , in full compliance with relevant requirements, the actual production has exceeded the European standard.

As of 2019, the series of trough-type rail products produced by the Group have been successfully applied to Beijing's Xijiao Line, Shanghai Songjiang Line, and modern railroads in more than ten cities including Zhuhai, Nanjing, Chengdu Xinjin, Shenyang, Changchun, Guiyang and Huai'an. Tram project.

With the progress and development of the domestic modern tram project, our company combines the advantages of its own business strategy and convenience, and then integrates the various needs of the supplied projects, and advocates the “nanny-style” service, that is, the selection of Zizhu, such as: supply, Weld rails, curved rails, construction of intersections, regular cleaning, etc. We have customized the special service plan for the project, so that you can experience the "full-time babysitter" service. You give me a chance, I will also give you A trust.