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Magnetic suspension rail (F rail)

Medium and low speed magnetic levitation is a new technology with independent intellectual property rights in China, and it is also the most advanced technology in urban rail transit. It has the advantages of environmental protection, high safety, strong climbing ability, small turning radius and low construction cost. It is suitable for traffic connections between urban areas, close-range cities and tourist attractions, and can replace light rail and subway.

The shape of the F-rail is like the English letter F. It is the basic component that bears the suspension force, guiding force and traction of the maglev vehicle, and is the most important component of the track structure. In addition to the functions of traditional rails to withstand and transmit train gravity, guiding force, traction and braking force, the F-rail also forms an electromagnetic circuit with the electromagnet, linear motor and sensor installed on the vehicle to realize suspension, guidance, traction and braking. , suspension gap measurement and other functions.